Postmodern Soaps

Less is more.

Our Mission

We believe that when it comes to making soaps, simple and traditional is the way to go. So we focus on one goal: making soaps designed to do one thing, keep you clean.


"Less is more". Not a philosophy that applies to everything, but it definitely applies to soaps.

We promise one thing, artisan soaps made from high quality, natural ingredients, and absolutely no synthetic detergents.

Our soaps are made the traditional way to provide a simple, natural way to clean your whole body.

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When you're making artisan products sometimes things just don't turn out they way you planned. So this is the first of what I'm calling the Ugly Ducklings. Perfectly good, usable soaps that just didn't come out looking as good as I wanted.
Bare Bones Soap. This is literally nothing but soap. No scents or colors. Just olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, water, and lye going through saponification.
Newest orders, ready to go! 😁
Sunshine Breezes - the scent for this soap combines citrus, woodsy, and floral scents in a way that makes me think of fresh laundry drying in the breeze.
Sparkling Grape Soda
Black raspberry and vanilla.
Straight up blueberry.